Death – As in Death Valley National Park

In mid-February, I took a short trip to Death Valley. My fiance and I camped at Furnace Creek and explored what we could with our non-off-road vehicle. As we descended into the valley on the morning we drove in, I was amazed at how large and vast the National Park appeared and we were impressed. The colors were indescribable and there was water!

Copyright Lauren Lukacek

We went at the perfect time of year… although I’m told the wildflower bloom is the time to go. I thought the weather was great and the park was not very busy. I would go back for the wildflower bloom because I can only imagine with this park looks like with even more color!

I have always loved mountains and trees and just being outside in general, but I think I am a desert girl. I love how barren everything looks on the surface, but there is really so much more going on. Water trickling out of rocks, and salt being pushed up through cracks in the ground. It is definitely¬†a “look a closer” type of place. It’s a very subtle beauty, and that is what I love.

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