The Film Process

Like most photographers these days, I have film laying around that has already been shot and needs to be processed. I no longer have access to my processing supplies or the chemicals… let alone space to properly process film. Sigh. I asked a few film photogs on social media all replied, “I just do it at home.” Sigh again.

Thus started my research for a good processing place that is really interested in film and high-quality processing. I knew Samy’s is big in L.A., but I wanted to try something different.. and there is something about that place… Actually, most photo stores are like this. Everyone acts holier than thou.. I will probably get some backlash from this. Sigh.

So Samy’s, I’ll be there for rentals and maybe some processing in the future, but for now… just chill. I found a few other places but I wasn’t feeling the vibe. Then I found a place that spoke to me: Darkroom. I filled out a little online form, and they promptly sent me an envelope with pre-paid postage to send my film canisters. I mailed it in a few days later and got an email saying they received my film.

On the order form, I had an option to get prints and a bunch of other options. I don’t even remember what was on my film, so I’ll just be happy to get my digital files and see what is on there! I will probably do a few prints just to see what their prints look like. Since I am in no hurry to see what the images look like I chose an option that was a bit slower than most. I could have gone to Samy’s or even Walgreens, but I chose something different this time. I’ll post updates once I receive a link to the digital files.


Happy processing!


I am in no way affiliated with “The Darkroom.” I am writing a review of the service they provide to inform consumers.

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