What Do I Do With All My Photos?

Maybe you’re wondering what I do with all the photos I take? Besides sharing them on social media and on my site, I also enjoy making photo books. I have recently been having fun with making these. Shutterfly is my go-to online printer. (No, they don’t pay me.) They are pretty generous with sales and free offers. In fact, here is a link to a free book:  https://invite-shutterfly.com/x/kTCnAT

When I get enough images I like to print them into books, so I have a physical copy and it’s also nice to look at images when they are printed. It’s not often I see my images printed so these books are a great way for me to have a physical copy and also less clutter. Photo albums in the past were so bulky and pictures always slid out and were lost. Now I ever have to worry about that.

They are fun to make as well! You should try it!  Click here to get a free book (you still have to pay for shipping, but it’s inexpensive!)  Get your free 8×8 book! It’s 20 pages!


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