You Make Me Wanna La La

Recently I was inspired by some photos I’ve been seeing of models in convenience stores. It reminds me of the Ashlee Simpson video for “La La.” Both came as an inspiration when I began to work on this shoot with Samantha, my model.

There is a little wild side to it. An innocent recklessness. Things you think are bad when you’re a teenager, but they are just annoying to adults. I still enjoy those things! I am still young at heart! Enjoy the images.

WordPress Galleries

I try to keep my blog mostly about travel and photography, and this is more website themed, but still in the realm of photography, especially if you have a blog or are a photographer!

I have been testing out some galleries and recently fell in love with a WordPress widget and it can be found here: A WP Life Gallery

I have the free version, but I am interested in what the premium version has to offer. It’s so easy (very important to me) and I like that I can customize the galleries. It’s in use on several of my pages: PlacesPeople, and Things

I’m sure I’ll be posting more blogs using this gallery, so keep at eye out!

What Do I Do With All My Photos?

Maybe you’re wondering what I do with all the photos I take? Besides sharing them on social media and on my site, I also enjoy making photo books. I have recently been having fun with making these. Shutterfly is my go-to online printer. (No, they don’t pay me.) They are pretty generous with sales and free offers. In fact, here is a link to a free book:

When I get enough images I like to print them into books, so I have a physical copy and it’s also nice to look at images when they are printed. It’s not often I see my images printed so these books are a great way for me to have a physical copy and also less clutter. Photo albums in the past were so bulky and pictures always slid out and were lost. Now I ever have to worry about that.

They are fun to make as well! You should try it!  Click here to get a free book (you still have to pay for shipping, but it’s inexpensive!)  Get your free 8×8 book! It’s 20 pages!


The Film Process

Like most photographers these days, I have film laying around that has already been shot and needs to be processed. I no longer have access to my processing supplies or the chemicals… let alone space to properly process film. Sigh. I asked a few film photogs on social media all replied, “I just do it at home.” Sigh again.

Thus started my research for a good processing place that is really interested in film and high-quality processing. I knew Samy’s is big in L.A., but I wanted to try something different.. and there is something about that place… Actually, most photo stores are like this. Everyone acts holier than thou.. I will probably get some backlash from this. Sigh.

So Samy’s, I’ll be there for rentals and maybe some processing in the future, but for now… just chill. I found a few other places but I wasn’t feeling the vibe. Then I found a place that spoke to me: Darkroom. I filled out a little online form, and they promptly sent me an envelope with pre-paid postage to send my film canisters. I mailed it in a few days later and got an email saying they received my film.

On the order form, I had an option to get prints and a bunch of other options. I don’t even remember what was on my film, so I’ll just be happy to get my digital files and see what is on there! I will probably do a few prints just to see what their prints look like. Since I am in no hurry to see what the images look like I chose an option that was a bit slower than most. I could have gone to Samy’s or even Walgreens, but I chose something different this time. I’ll post updates once I receive a link to the digital files.


Happy processing!


I am in no way affiliated with “The Darkroom.” I am writing a review of the service they provide to inform consumers.

Death – As in Death Valley National Park

In mid-February, I took a short trip to Death Valley. My fiance and I camped at Furnace Creek and explored what we could with our non-off-road vehicle. As we descended into the valley on the morning we drove in, I was amazed at how large and vast the National Park appeared and we were impressed. The colors were indescribable and there was water!

Copyright Lauren Lukacek

We went at the perfect time of year… although I’m told the wildflower bloom is the time to go. I thought the weather was great and the park was not very busy. I would go back for the wildflower bloom because I can only imagine with this park looks like with even more color!

I have always loved mountains and trees and just being outside in general, but I think I am a desert girl. I love how barren everything looks on the surface, but there is really so much more going on. Water trickling out of rocks, and salt being pushed up through cracks in the ground. It is definitely a “look a closer” type of place. It’s a very subtle beauty, and that is what I love.

First Blog On My New Site

Hello, and welcome back!!. This new site is new and improved. I loved the design of my old site, but it just wasn’t easy for me to update it. The thought of updating my old site felt like a chore, but now I’m excited to update and share all my new work with you.

It wasn’t easy coming up with a new design and layout. I kept wishing there had been someone to be like “just do this, this and that and it’ll be perfect.” I only had myself to answer this time, and it was a little challenging. It’s all complete now, and hopefully you love it just as much as I do.


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